Putting People First

JDE Peet’s creates opportunities for farmers, suppliers, customers, consumers, employees, and communities. We touch the lives of millions of people across the globe. As an organisation at the heart of the coffee and tea world, we lead with clarity and vision to transform outcomes for people as well as the planet.​

Standing together in our differences

We strive to create a workplace in which all ideas, perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds are welcome. We are committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, creating a better future in which we authentically serve, reflect, and embrace everyone. We have reached our target of at least 40% women in leadership positions, which reflects the overall gender diversity of our global workforce. And we are proud to have achieved a lower than 1% gender pay gap across JDE Peet's.​

Exceeded our commitment of 40% women in leadership positions by 2025

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Quality in every cup

At JDE Peet’s we are united by our love for coffee and tea and all its possibilities. We deliver high-quality coffee and tea to people across the world and are committed to 100% of our manufacturing sites being food and safety quality certified by 2025.


100% of our manufacturing sites to be food safety quality certified by 2025

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Connecting communities

Through coffee and tea JDE Peet’s is proud to play a positive role in local communities around the world. Just as we believe “It is amazing what can happen over a cup of coffee & tea”. We also believe it is our responsibility to bring people together, by engaging with communities through our brands, offering our help, time, skills, and warmth.

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Sustainability Stories