Connected People

At JDE Peet’s, we champion an inclusive ecosystem in which all ideas, perspectives and backgrounds are considered. This extends from our internal talent to all of our partners along the value chain. 

Coffee & tea create possibilities for farmers and their families, our suppliers, customers, consumers, communities, and our employees. By working together, we believe that our entire ecosystem can benefit and create a better future for all.

Our Progress in 2021

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JDE Peet’s is an organisation where every individual can contribute, grow, develop and be valued for their perspective. We are committed to an environment in which the unique voice of every country, culture and individual is heard. This makes us stronger by helping us to understand and meet the needs and expectations of consumers in different countries and from different backgrounds. ​


Coffee & tea are at the heart of life, providing warmth and refreshment for moments big and small, happy and sad. This gives JDE Peet’s a wonderful role to play. Because our products have a unique ability to help bring people together and create stronger, more connected communities. We believe it is our responsibility to do this wherever possible, acting as a good neighbour and giving back to the communities in which we live and work.