Our heritage

Local roots dating back to 1753

In 1753 in Joure, the Netherlands, Egbert Douwes founded his first coffee outlet. Over a century later in 1895, in Bremen, Germany, Johann Jacobs opened his first grocery business. Then in 1966 in Berkeley, California, U.S., Alfred Peet opened his first Peet's coffee store. Today we are the world’s largest pure-play coffee & tea company by revenue  active in more than 100 markets around the world. 


We Are Powered By Our Purpose


Unleash The Possibilities Of Coffee & Tea
To Create A Better Future

Our Story

We are led by our vision


A Coffee And Tea For Every Cup

Our values


We stay focused on what matters and build our mastery when we do the right things in the right way


We choose the most straightforward paths to achieve our desired outcomes


Together we make a bigger difference, building trust and unity around shared interests


Ensures we win the freedom to create and pursue more opportunities by staying agile, moving fast and resisting unnecessary bureaucracy


We take responsibility for our actions and ownership of our results

Our Story

We Believe



It’s Amazing What Can Happen
Over A Cup Of Coffee Or Tea