Our strong portfolio of global, regional and local brands has been built upon a rich history and heritage and these brands are deeply rooted in the diverse coffee & tea cultures in which we operate. Our portfolio allows us to cover the category landscape, ensuring we can offer a coffee & tea to everyone, no matter who they are, where they are, or what their preferences are. We use a distinctive brand building model to develop meaning and communication for our brands, so that they meet the needs of our local consumers. Our brands bring people together, creating moments of connection and enjoyment and providing energy and sensory experiences. They give people the freedom to express their individuality and the power to transform themselves because we know amazing things can happen over a cup of coffee or tea.  

Our global brands are big players in multiple markets with one meaning and one global execution.

Our regional heroes have an international footprint with local nuances. We respect these local nuances which are based on cultural drinking habits, stage of category development and brand heritage.

Our local jewels are iconic in their local market. These brands leverage local culture and heritage, and are of true significance in their home country.