Diversity, equity & inclusion


We’re committed to creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive ecosystem 

We strive to create a workplace in which all ideas, perspectives, cultures and backgrounds are welcome. We aim to create a better future where everyone feels comfortable to truly be who they are and unleash their full potential. 

From recruitment to performance and talent management, we place DE&I at the core of our global people processes. This enables us to drive objectivity and eliminate bias for our employees, ensuring an inclusive experience in the workplace.

Our DE&I Team drives governance and strategy from a global perspective and initiatives are driven at local levels.

Standing together in our differences

We stand together in our differences and do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender or any other identity trait. Through our global survey we asked employees whether they feel respected at work.

Our two global DE&I priorities:

  • Break down potential barriers for women to grow into leadership positions.
  • Value differences to ensure our employees feel they can be who they truly are.

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We have reached  our target of at least 40% women in leadership positions, which reflects the overall gender diversity of our global workforce. And we are proud to have achieved a lower than 1% gender pay gap.