Operational resource efficiency


Optimising our processes

Our primary focus in this area is to operate our manufacturing facilities efficiently and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We’re optimising and designing our processes to use less energy and produce less waste.

Increasing energy and water efficiency, and reducing emissions

As examples of our intentionality to reduce our GHG emissions, we’re using spent coffee grounds as fuel across most of our portfolio of instant coffee factories.

In logistics we maximize the use of trucks which are full-to-capacity along with intermodal solution for transport (truck, rail, truck) reducing CO2 emissions.

We believe that, with our ongoing Research & Development, we can deliver Net Zero Factory designs in the future.

We’ve developed a water strategy that addresses water intensity, water stress, and water quality. We’re also using the Aqueduct tool, which enables us to measure, map, and mitigate water risks around the world.

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We are innovating to develop more energy efficient solutions within our operations and moving to more renewable energy. For example, we’ve switched from burning coal to using hazelnut husks to generate heat in 2 of our plants in Turkey.