Involving employees and suppliers in our journey of continuous improvement


Engaging employees

Reducing energy and water use is a company-wide responsibility. We believe that small behavioural changes by our employees in the office can help reduce our climate impact. For example, some of our offices have moved away from paper cups and reduced the number of office printers.

Supporting suppliers

Excluding the impact from green coffee and tea, nearly 20% of our Scope 3 GHG emissions come from our packaging and raw material suppliers. Our goal is to help build our suppliers’ resilience, which will also have a positive impact on our own resilience. We’ve begun including shared sustainability objectives as part of our ongoing relationship with these strategic suppliers, supporting them to get SBTi targets in place.

Industry-wide engagement

We’re working collaboratively within our industry to drive for common standards and approaches and believe working together is vital to achieve a future which is both people and planet positive.

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We are embedding sustainability metrics, such as CO2 emissions per cup,  in all our normal business decisions and processes. We’ve developed reporting tools to allow business units to report the impact of their portfolio, alongside financial performance reporting.