1These materials contain non-IFRS financial measures (Non-IFRS Measures), which are not liquidity or performance measures under IFRS. These Non-IFRS Measures are presented in addition to the figures that are prepared in accordance with IFRS. The Group's use of Non-IFRS Measures may vary significantly from the use of other companies in its industry. The measures used should not be considered as an alternative to profit (loss), revenue or any other performance measure derived in accordance with IFRS or to net cash provided by operating activities as measure of liquidity. More information on the Non-IFRS Measure adjusted EBIT can be found under the section ‘Consolidated Financial Statements, note 2.1’ of the 2020 Annual Report. Further information on the definitions of these Non-IFRS Measures can be found under the section ‘Glossary’ of the 2020 Annual Report. Although the non-IFRS financial measures presented are not measures of financial performance or liquidity under IFRS, the company uses these measures to monitor the underlying performance of its business and operations. These measures have not been audited or reviewed by the company’s external auditor. 

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