Material Circularity

Sustainable packaging and waste reduction

Our Research & Development team works to develop innovative solutions, such as making tea bags and coffee pods industrially compostable. We’ve also been working with the industry and our waste management partners to develop technologies and infrastructures for aluminium and plastic capsules to be recycled.


Striving for a circular economy and waste-free world

With a long-term aim of rolling out fully reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging across our entire product offering, we are also reviewing our complete portfolio to identify areas where we can optimise packaging weight and reduce packaging waste. 

We’re also working to ensure our factories minimise and recycle their waste, and create value from waste streams, as we strive for zero waste to landfill across our network. For example, the cardboard cases used to transport empty Tassimo T-discs from our supplier site are re-used up to 10 times before being recycled.


We believe in a circular economy where everything is recycled and are working to promote this by delivering our products in packaging materials suitable for recycling, reuse or composting, while reducing our manufacturing waste and maintaining product quality and safety.