To ensure we prioritise the issues that most influence the decision making of our external and internal stakeholdersandhave the most impact onour business success,wefollowa formal materialityassessment process. 

23 March 2021

Materiality assessment

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To enhance our impact, we actively engagein manymulti-stakeholder platforms and initiativesdesigned to promote sustainability in the coffee & tea sectors. Thesecollaborative partnershipsare at the core of our sustainability programme. We believe that the best way to improve coffee & tea sustainability is to drive continuous improvement through partnerships among farmers, cooperatives, exporters, traders,suppliers, roasters, civil society, and governments.  


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Our Contribution


We embrace and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We operate in, and source raw materials from, many developing and emerging markets, and are committed to their socio-economic development. 

  • We contribute significantly to SDGs 1, 8, 12, 13 & 17, which are linked to our most material topics and on which our business activities and initiatives focus accordingly.

  • We contribute to some extent to SDGs 5, 6 & 10, mainly as a result of our programmes to increase livelihoods in our supply chain, minimise our footprint and endeavour to provide a fair, safe and diverse working environment to our employees.

  • We additionally, in part, contribute to the remaining SDGs, though the ones above are our primary areas of focus.