The packaging of our coffee & tea products is critical to ensure great taste, freshness, safety and an attractive consumer experience. But we recognise that all packaging becomes waste and that its lifecycle must be managed to limit the environmental impact.  

That’s why we are working hard to reduce the amount of packaging material without compromising on the product quality. Where packaging is absolutely required, we aim to provide consumers with responsibly packaged products and optimised end-of-life solutions. 

Our efforts are guided by our vision for our packaging sustainability “A Planet Free of Packaging Waste”By 2025, we will: 

  • Save 15,000 tonnes of packaging materials used
  • Design 100% of our packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable
  • Use 35% recycled content in our packaging

Delivering against our packaging commitments requires significant technical development and effort across our entire organisation. But the intention of our efforts is clear: to minimise the impact of the packaging we use on our planet.

*Countries with immature recycling/composting infrastructure are excluded; for these countries, our primary focus is on material reduction.

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Sustainable Packaging

Our Strategy


Our reduction target creates immediate environmental benefits and allows to make an impact in places where collection and recycling facilities do not exist. It also challenges our packaging engineers and marketeers to find the most efficient ways of delivering our products to our customers and consumers.  


In addition, we want to address plastic waste and pollution by moving towards packaging that is designed to be recyclablecompostable or reusable. Reusability opens up routes to new business models in which packaging is used over and over again.  


In order to close the loop, we aim to use 35% of recycled content in our packaging. This is restricted by current regulations which limit the use of recycled content within packaging which is in direct food contact. 


We also have multiple partnerships in place that allow consumers to more easily return their used coffee pods into recycling streams.



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